Sunday 24th of December 2017

             Panacotta anthotyro, pistachio crumble             

Baby green salad, smoked duck, pomegranate, fig marmalade, mango vinaigrette

Shrimp crab dolma, quinoa, ginger

 Coq, red cabbage, blueberry sauce      

Pork delight: slow cooked pancetta, fillet stuffed with manouri, grilled pumpkin, quince      

Poached pears, chestnut mousse, white chocolate, caramel 

(1st seating 18:30 – 21:30)

75 euros per person

 Reservations: 210 6815774 –



Sunday 31st of December 2017

  Beetroot ravioli, tuna tartar, yogurt - wasabi

                                       Shrimp with tandoori crust, crab, avocado cream, mandarin vinaigrette                             

Sea bass, saffron risotto, green apple, aioli

 Canelloni dusk, ragu stuffing, porcini sauce, cranberries

Bon fillet, béarnaise sauce, tartufo praline, pumpkin, mushroom

Mango parfait, coconut biscuit, red berries, gianduja

Coffee, chocolate truffles


 90 euros per person

   Reservations: 210 6815774 –



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